Toronto Kenjutsu is dedicated to the practice of classical Japanese swordsmanship - specifically the style of Katori Shinto Ryu as taught by Master Sugino Yukihiro.

Prospective students are welcome to try a class for free.

3-month Introductory Kenjutsu Package

The one-time introductory packages includes 3 months of Toronto Kenjutsu classes and practice uniform.

Adults: $345.00 for 3 months

Students: $225.00 for 3 months

Ongoing Monthly Membership

The membership fees to Toronto Kenjutsu classes are $115/month for adults or $85/month for students. This fee is inclusive of HST.

Adults: $115.00 / month

Students: $85.00 / month

As a member of Naka Ima, you may choose to participate in our Aikido and Karate classes as well.