How to Choose the Best Martial Arts for Children

There are many benefits for kids to train in martial arts. In general, most martial arts helps a child develop self-confidence, self-discipline, and respect. Martial arts is also a good way for kids to stay active and get additional physical exercise. However, with so many different martial art options for kids, it could be confusing for a parent to choose which is the best martial art for their children.

Because every child is different, the best approach is to bring your child to watch and try a class and see if he/she enjoys it. We also encourage the parents to sit through the class, as well as talk to the other parents about their kid's martial arts training. Don't hesitate to talk to the instructors and ask them questions, such as what is the focus of their martial art practice.

How is Aikido different from other martial arts?

At Naka Ima, we offer Aikido martial arts classes for children. Aikido is frequently referred to as the "martial art of peace" because of its focus on being non-violent and non-aggressive. Aikido's focus is not so much on punch and kicks, but on learning how to resolve conflicts peacefully. During class, Aikido techniques are learned through partner practice, and students take turns doing the technique and receiving the technique. This allows kids to learn how to work together and to work with different people. Kids also learn how to roll and fall safely, and as their training progresses, they learn more of the practical self-defense applications of Aikido.

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Aikido martial art classes for kids are on weekday evenings and Saturday morning (view class schedule here). Call (416) 259-4320 or email us at and let your child try one of our classes.

Boys and girls ages 5 through 12 are welcome to join the children's Aikido classes.

Children's Aikido Class Photos

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Not sure if Aikido is for your child? Your child is welcome to attend a regularly scheduled kid's class at anytime for free.

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