The Importance of Regular Aikido Practice

Written by Sensei Greg Angus

Training can be difficult. It is a slow process, like adding drops of water one by one to a pool. It can take a long time to notice any difference.

Sometimes you feel stuck, you donʼt feel your self progressing. You donʼt understand what the teacher is asking of you. The relevance of the practice is called into question.

If you combine this with the demands and distractions of contemporary life, the question arises; Why does anyone bother?

The answer is simple. Aikido is a joyous and transformative process.

It is a multifaceted study, a path that can engage a person for a lifetime. It allows for growth physically, mentally and spiritually. It can be practiced as a severe martial art and simultaneously as a way to polish the spirit.

Regular practice affords us the opportunity to hone our awareness, to experience empathy through the roles of uke and nage, and most importantly to develop compassion.

Aikido requires perserverance, patience and time. If there is a secret it is to practice, and to practice regularly. The best way to do that is to come to the dojo.

See you on the mat!