Martial Arts Classes

Youth and Adult Aikido Classes

Aikido classes typically start with some stretching and breathing exercises for relaxation, flexibility and centeredness. Aikido techniques are then demonstrated, suited to the level of the participants. Special attention is also placed on learning how to effectively and gracefully perform a technique without hurting the “uke” (attacker) in the process, and on how to properly roll out of a technique when it is being applied by the “nage” (the person performing the aikido technique).

Once an Aikido movement is demonstrated by the instructor, students partner up to practice the technique, regardless of size, age or rank, with each partner taking turns being the “uke” and “nage”. At Naka Ima, we emphasize the importance of connecting with your partner for each technique, and being sensitive to how the same technique works with a different partner. This helps the student learn to become fully present in the moment at all times.

Beginners, Kihon and All Levels Classes

Naka Ima members have access to unlimited Aikido classes, and both new and experienced students are encouraged to attend as many classes as they feel comfortable with. Beginner classes are more focused on the basic techniques and learning how to roll properly. Kihon (Fundamentals) classes are focused ensuring that students of all levels gain a good grasp of the fundamentals, and the All Levels classes further build on the basic movements with the goal of connecting through motion and being in the present moment.

Learn more about Aikido

Check out our Aikido Getting Started page and get answers to some of the more frequently asked questions on Aikido. You can also read about how Aikido gives you a full body workout, or about the many reasons why we practice Aikido.

Free Trial Class

Prospective students are welcome to watch and/or try one of our regular scheduled Aikido classes anytime. No experience is required and all are welcome. Please bring a t-shirt and long-fitting pants.

Everyone over 14 years old and up may join the Adult Aikido All-Levels classes, while Youths between 10-14 years of age may join our Adult Aikido Beginner classes and/or the Karate classes. Click here to sign up for your trial class.