Martial Arts Classes

Aikido Instructors

Sensei Greg Angus is a roku (6th-degree black belt) and chief instructor at Naka Ima Aikikai. Greg has practised martial arts for over 45 years and is also a yondan (4th-degree black belt) in karate. At 13, he began his martial arts training in Karate, a discipline he pursued throughout his high school and university years. In 1986, upon completing his graduate degree in Fine Arts, Greg travelled to Japan to further his Karate martial art studies. Once there, Greg encountered Aikido and immediately began his practice at the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. His Aikido training continued throughout his 10 years in Japan, primarily under the direction of Endo Shihan.

Greg is an active participant in the Aikido community of Toronto and Canada, and teaches at seminars in North America and Europe. As a deshi of Endo Shihan, Greg hosts an annual Aikido seminar that is conducted by his teacher in Toronto, with participants attending from all over North America. Off the mat, Greg works as an artist whose paintings have been exhibited both locally and internationally.

Sensei Ramin Arvin is a founding member of Naka Ima Aikikai. Currently a godan (5th-degree black belt), Ramin began his Aikido training in 1992 at the Aikido Shugyo Dojo in Toronto under the direction of Sensei Fran Turner. He proceeded to study intensively as an “uchi deshi” (live-in student) with Donovan Waite Sensei at the Aikido of Center City dojo in Philadelphia. Ramin has traveled with Waite Sensei to Aikido seminars in both North and South America. At this time, Ramin is living in British Columbia and practicing Aikido at Mountain Coast Aikikai

Outside the dojo, Ramin is a full-time licensed electrician. In addition to Aikido, Ramin has also been actively practicing meditation for over 19 years.

Joseph Baqaeen’s passion for Aikido was kindled at the age of 25 after attending a trial class with a friend and was immediately captured by its profound techniques and movement. He joined Naka Ima in 2013, where under the direct teaching of Greg Angus sensei, he furthered his study of martial arts and aikido.

Joseph practices aikido as an art that constantly evolves and progresses, and tries to find new ways of polishing his movement and techniques. He enjoys traveling for aikido seminars where he has the opportunity to both practice while exploring the destination and the local culture. Joseph also enjoys playing tennis, cycling and reading.

Darren Evoy started his Aikido journey in Sudbury, Ontario during his third year of university, and has remained committed to his training ever since. Prior to joining Naka Ima in 2017, he was an instructor at Budoka Aikikai in Sudbury where he first met Greg Angus Sensei, who had graciously taken their dojo under his guidance.

Darren enjoys all aspects of Aikido, particularly the weapon training, and values the connections and sense of community fostered within the dojo. He finds the continuous learning in Aikido highly rewarding.

Outside of Aikido, Darren has a passion for all things technical, trying new food experiences, and appreciates quiet times to recharge.

Jeff Irving began his Aikido training at Aikido Shugyo Dojo after being encouraged by a friend to attend an Intro to Aikido Workshop in 1997. He eventually earned his shodan under Sensei Fran Turner in 2009. After taking some time off the mat, Jeff now practices at Naka Ima under the guidance of Sensei Greg Angus. He’s grateful to have encountered such a rich practice, skilled teacher, and welcoming community. He enjoys the engaging combination of playfulness, creativity, and rigour of this martial arts training.

Outside of the dojo, Jeff raises his twin sons, work in IT, and practices Zen at the Toronto Zen Centre.