Martial Arts Classes

Aikido Weapons Class

Many Aikido techniques are based on movements with the sword. There are also many Aikido techniques that involve defenses against weapons. Naka Ima offers a class exclusive to weapons training where students learn how to safely and properly attack with weapons and to defend against such attacks. Students will learn weapons kata that will be complementary to their study of empty-hand Aikido techniques.

Three principal weapons used in Aikido are the jo (staff), bokken (Japanese wooden sword) and tanto (knife). By training with weapons, students get a better understanding of general Aikido principles, such as ma-ai (proper distancing from an attacker), and moving off the line of attack.

Weapons classes are open to all youth and adult members of Naka Ima, including beginner Aikido students. Participants of Aikido weapons classes are also expected to attend the Aikido empty-hand classes.