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Aikido and Fitness

Aikido is a diverse and rich martial arts practice with many rewards for the participants. One of the most immediate is fitness. Aikido is a great way to get in shape. Due to the nature of the practice, the whole body is engaged. Students see tremendous improvement in their overall condition within a two to three month period. Increased strength and stamina, weight loss, stress relief, better concentration and a greater sense of well being are just some of the benefits.

Get fit with the Aikido martial arts practice

Aikido classes start with a warm up focusing on strengthening the major muscle groups and the core. Stretching is next and a gradual increase in flexibility is emphasized. Breathing exercises follow helping to calm the mind and center the body.

These are followed by forward and backward rolls done from a kneeling position. The goal here is to do the rolls slowly and with full awareness. This builds strength in the core muscles and massages the body. Rolling teaches us to meet the ground safely enabling us to practice more complex Aikido techniques.

Next are simple standing movements that include stepping, sliding and turning. These are basic Aikido footwork exercises that help to improve balance and coordination.

Aikido – A full body workout

After the general warmup, regular martial art practice begins. This consists of practicing a variety of Aikido techniques that engage the whole body. This is the point where the aerobic aspect of Aikido kicks in. Aikido is practiced in pairs and can done softly and gently or very vigorously. It is up to the partners to decide the pace. In this way, each person can practice at his or her level. Aikido also involves a number of rolls and pins. This means that at least half of the time practitioners are getting up and down off the floor, thereby using the whole body. It is a very effective workout.

To achieve consistent and cumulative results, practicing Aikido 2 or 3 times a week is suggested. Aikido, as with any other martial art, requires effort and commitment. It is challenging and a very rewarding practice. Ant it will certainly get you in shape.

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